Code-Enabled Integration of External Audiovisual Content

§1 : Overview

Initiated in 02/2021 against the background of a graphic remastering cycle that was supposed to enable me to finalize my Playfolio of 2016, but had to be postponed yet another time (due to the ongoing cassation proceedings [1]), which led me to create a temporary profile page on IMDb [2] that I updated in 04/2022 [3] to complete my Watchfolio [4], the present module of conceptual specifications proposes a consolidation of the conclusions drawn from the need to present a both intelligible and satisfactory (i.e. necessary and sufficient) intermediate result with regard to the optimization of video integration practices applied to embed third-party audiovisual content into a "self-promotional" website such as this one.
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§2 : Societal Watch
In terms of the conceptual separation of the web franchise perimeters specified in my Formfolio of 2022 [1], which correspond to as many levels of services and guarantees, a clear distinction is being made here between content self-produced in a native-dedicated franchise environment and intended for an external ("Externet+" and "Extranet+" levels) or internal ("Intranet+" and "Planet+" levels) audience through a self-hosted page or website [2], and content from third-party sources - external to the master-franchising system [3] - intended for the same purposes.
In both cases, the problem to be solved lies in the availability and reliability of embed options supposed to guarantee secure sharing and/or distribution, without the possibility of misappropriation of meaning, purpose and/or files (which must remain encapsulated [4]) for use in a context other than that for which the said content was initially intended.
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§3 : Legal Watch
Insofar as each of the modules of my concept demonstration path [1] is experimental by design, since the aim of the entire publication phase was to nestle my web-concept solution in the interfaces between systems, in order to identify all structural pitfalls which unnecessarily hinder the crossing of critical thresholds [2] in an open economy whose virtualization entangles all leaking buckets into a very immersive (even subversive) cauldron effect ready to engulf everything [3], it is necessary - from the perspective of legistics - to redefine the specific conditions of use that should apply - by means of reciprocity - at the conflicting interface between two legal approaches that are diametrically opposed in the way they respect (or fail to do so) the moral right of the legitimate author of a work of the mind to be recognized as the legal owner of his or her creations in order to earn an income from the exploitation thereof [4].
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§4 : Economic Watch
It is more specifically on this issue of "paid advertisement (or monetization [1])" that the master-franchising model of Planet+Ultra® comes into conflict with that of the social networks, which, in order to remunerate authors, cannibalize the latter’s works [2] in such a way that keeps the entire user community captive of the illusion that all content is free of charge (= that providing content doesn’t cost anything), which is extremely ruinous for the entire economy. Since NetPlusUltra® is not a model of interference in the author's business management, but of sustainable self-governance that empowers the franchised user with the means to do it right on the first try, the aim of the present consolidated specifications module is therefore to promote the best "self-promotion practices", by means of a "(cinematographic) Playfolio" designed to neutralize the perverse effects of any form of cannibalization, without diverting the streaming service from which the integrated content originates - in this case YouTube [3] (owned by Google [4]) - from its primary purpose, which is to enable the viewing, sharing and promotion of audiovisual content.
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§5 : Orga-Tech Watch
As an user of an Android-One-based [1] Nokia smartphone, which since 09/2020 has been an integral component of the necessary and sufficient configuration I've put together for the needs of my publication phase, insofar as the said mobile system is perfectly "interfaceable" with a desktop configuration running MacOS [2], I have a native (by-default) access to the YouTube platform, which I've been using since 2005 as a "content viewer (= consumer)" and - more recently - as a professional user (discreetly connected in private mode) with two Gmail accounts, dedicated respectively to the administration of my Google Workspace account [3] and to my organizational and techn(olog)ical monitoring activities pertaining to the evolution of collaborative tools and uses.
Given the widespread incompleteness of all similar web services at all levels, a general shortcoming which was confirmed module by module throughout the entire publication phase, I logically chose YouTube to finalize my conclusions, not only for the latter’s degree of integration with the Android system (despite all the controversy this hosting and streaming platform generates [4]), but also and above all for the now compatible (i.e. transparent) configuration options of its code-based video embed player [5], considering that the same options are still missing on MacOS, which lacks an equally native version thereof.
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§6 : Cultural Watch
Before I was able to expand the "... /showtime/machine/puzzle/" section of my Playfolio of 2016 [1], in order to showcase a "resolved (unified) demo" in line with the conceptual integrity principle developed throughout my entire Windows XP-based pre-instruction phase (2004-2012 [2]), during which I made extensive use of IMDb and Wikipedia as specialized search engines to give both therapeutic meaning and autobiographical context to all my "embarked ghost-protocol telemetry" (at the time when I realized I was afflicted by some sort of "hyper/@/mnesia", at the "point zero imprint" left by the disruption of a traumatic mind-body balance), I had to wait until the dormant instruction of my request for declarative clarification, which I reactivated in 02/2017 to support my upcoming request for legal validation, could be continued so as to (legally) allow and (technically) enable me to venture into a conceptually secure restitution of the most sensitive results, in a form that justified the creation of a profile page on IMDb (in 04/2021 [3]), which I managed from my Gmail account, for the completion of a dedicated specifications module developed on macOS.
The root of the problem therefore lies in the way in which the aggregate structural inefficiency of all markets of the open digital economy - which has its source in the cumulative incompleteness of each operating system - forces users to deploy themselves over at least two systems (macOS and/or Windows in addition to Android) in order to satisfy increasingly multiple needs ("all-terrain requirements" in the sense explained in my Sandbox Alpha [4] published in late 08/2021), i.e paradoxically in order to circumvent such system design inconsistencies through which our national intangible assets are scattered to the winds [5].
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§7 : Integrative Watch
Keeping in mind that the purpose of this module is to provide proof of the conceptual integrity of my intermediate solution to the issues raised throughout the publication phase with regard to the shortcomings of the web value chain, in the form of a demo that meets its own requirements (so as to not compromise the web-sustained master-franchising solution the demo serves to promote), here is what you need to understand and remember about the "art and manner" of using existing web services in the right conceptual direction, in order to sustain the conceptual convergence of supply and demand towards franchised web services master-certified as operational:
  1. Regarding YouTube: As a web-based hosting platform dedicated to the sharing of audiovisual content at the "Intranet+" level (future marketplace for Android technologies), YouTube provides the integration code through which videos can be embedded into a website such as this one. My (private) YouTube account therefore enables me to organize selected content in private playlists, essentially consisting of trailers from official and/or authorized sources, considering that a public channel would just cannibalize my own website by diverting users from consulting it [1].

  2. Regarding IMDb: As a worldwide film database and specialized social internet search engine, as its name suggests [2], IMDb is a web-based content-sharing platform which, if Planet+Ultra® were already an operational reality [3], would provide - as a franchised partner - the "IMDb+" advertiser service positioned between "IMDb (basic)" and "IMDbPro [4]" at the "Extranet+" level, with all the integration options a web professional needs to intelligently produce and promote a website containing third-party film resources.

I therefore use my YouTube and IMDb accounts in the interest of the conceptually strategic positioning of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained web concept solution I am developing as the founding manager of the web program of the same name [5].
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§8 : Scientific Watch
To summarize, all the conceptual added value of this self-promotional web module can be seen in the Watchfolio [1] section, which corresponds to the "changeblog" version of what my YouTube and IMDb accounts - considered separately for all their substitutability - won't allow or enable me to complete without an additional web module to complement all the others:
  1. As an intermission-phase complement to the life project presentation published in 2013 on my Lifefolio [2], this retro-prospective audit report provides - for the micro-economic dimensions of an author’s life project [3] - a matrix-enabled debriefing pertaining to the "film watch" practices I've developed over time to give systemic perspective to my readings [4].

  2. As an intermission-phase complement to the presentation of what is at stake from a macro-economic perspective as consolidated in my Playfolio of 2016 [5], this same module of specifications-focused conclusions provides the first version of a unified solution to the targeted technical-legal issues of web content integration, in the sense that only a proprietary collaborative Content Management System - entirely dedicated to the purpose of the web-sustained master-franchising system of Planet+Ultra® - will transcend the limitations of the software-based design and publication mode.

  3. All this (I+II) without spoiling the show or lapsing into defeatism, i.e. without revealing the end of the story, or decreeing on behalf of all humankind that it's too late to find solutions, even if we have to admit that systemic retroaction has very little chance of setting itself into motion (automatically) without a global solution expressly designed to make everyone contribute, at their own pace and at their own level [6].

This should make it difficult to argue against the purpose of this web module, even without having been consulted beforehand, insofar as the self-promotional reciprocity with regard to content distribution (= everyone's core business) is guaranteed by the conceptually compliant structure of this Filmfolio, which I produced as a legitimate author and solution provider working for the recognition of her master-franchising concept into a better "Next Generation Web (= the infrastructural container)".
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